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Bringing the power of vegetables into the power of beauty.

For mature women who wish to be more beautiful
day by day regardless of age.
viege focused attention on rich nutrition that vegetables have
and the supplements made by condensing each functional component
in the pursuit of solid results realized by radically
conditioning the scalp and hair that change with age.
viege helps mature women design hair in ways they like for as long as they want.
viege’s wish is to provide positive assurance to clients.

Mature women want to
care in a
positive mood

Modern mature women donʼt think negatively about themselves getting older. They even enjoy the change to be more beautiful no matter how old they are. What they want is the anti-aging care to continue practicing with enjoyment in daily life. Such positive and bright image brings a sense of expectation that they want to try, and responds to the womenʼs feelings of the day.

YES 70%

"Obviously for older People."

Some women have a negative
image of haircare products for aging.

Surveyed by LebeL in 2015. (N = 97/Women in their 40s to 50s)

Previous care was …

  • Scalp care just feels pleasant.

  • My hair becomes light but not manageable.

  • The texture is not good even with increased elasticity and suppleness.

  • The hair is heavier and the top looks flat.

Necessary care for mature women is…

  • Scalp care
    Solid result

  • Light texture
    Manageable hair ends

  • Strengthening of hair
    Supple texture

  • Fluffy hair roots
    Beautiful silhouette

Anti-aging care effects that enhance the ease of
designing boost the degree of satisfaction.

Home Care

  • viege Shampoo

    Gently cleanses the delicate scalp to restore the hair and eliminate the source of roughness.

    • Loofa extract

    • Perilla extract

  • viege Hair Treatment S/V

    Strengthens the hair from within to alleviate unwanted curls.

    • Asparagus stem extract
      Formulated in viege Hair Treatment S
      (Softening and moisturizing)

    • Burdock root extract
      Formulated in viege Hair Treatment V
      (Restoring suppleness and elasticity/Moisturizing)

  • viege Medicate Essence Quasi Drug

    For thicker, stronger and healthier hair

    • Ginseng extract
      [Effective ingredients]

    • Mulberry root bark extract

    • Bamboo root extract *6

    • Licorice leaf extract

  • viege Root Care Mist Scalp Treatment

    Conditions the scalp environment to add volume to roots

    • Active isoflavone

    • Apple fruit extract

    • Five types of herb essence *9

  • viege Oil Hair Treatment

    Offers soft manageability with lightness and shine.

    • Sugar cane squalene

    • Perilla oil

    • Twelve types of plant oil *4
      〈CMC reinforcement〉

Scalp Menu

  • For scalps with stickiness viege Shampoo Scalp Treatment

    Astringent moisturizer/Refreshing feel

    • Lemon juice

    • Carrot root extract

    • Cucurbita pepo

  • For scalps with dryness viege Soothing Suppli Scalp Treatment

    Mild moisturizing/Gentle feel

    • Okra fruit extract

    • Aloa vera leaf extract

    • Broccoli extract

  • For scalps with a lack of vitality viege Vital Suppli Scalp Treatment

    Vitalizing and moisturizing/warm, comfortable feel

    • Ginger rhizome extract

    • Wine extract

    • Pomegranate fruit extract

viege Base Suppli Scalp Treatment

  • Phytopolyamine
    Active isoflavones

  • Tomato fruit extract

  • Lettus leaf extract

Hair Menu

  • viege Hair Suppli 1
    Hair Treatment

    Adhesion bond of the cortex
    〈Adhesion Repair & Reinforcement*12

    • Chia seed oil

    • Quinoa seed oil

    〈Adhesion bond of the cortex cells and cuticle layers〉

  • viege Hair Suppli 2
    Hair Treatment

    Adhesion bond of the cuticle
    〈Adhesion Repair and Reinforcement*13

    • Asparagus

    • Pistachio

    • Potato starch oil

    Formulated in Hair Suppli 3S, 3V, and Plus.
    〈Elasticity Protection〉

Hair Menu

  • viege Hair Suppli 3S / 3V
    Hair Treatment

    • Pistachio

    • Asparagus

    • Phytopolyamine

    Reinforcement of elasticity adhesion

  • viege Hair Suppli Plus
    Hair Treatment

    • Pistachio

    • Phytopolyamine

    Protection of elasticity adhesion

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