Thinking of All

CP-ONE PLUS: Thinking of All
A dental unit thought out from all perspectives.

The dental chair and unit are the key factors in ensuring safe care with accurate diagnoses, precise treatment, and reliable counseling.
The CP-ONE PLUS was designed by incorporating dentists’ requirements and desires one by one, from the treatment space all the way down to minute details that will be recognized through dentists’ fingertips.
An ideal treatment environment, the CP-ONE PLUS is a compact dental chair and unit, the answer to dentists’ aspirations, made possible only through the fusion of expertise and technological leadership of Takara Belmont.

Thinking of Communication

The CP-ONE PLUS is the successor to the CP-ONE, or Communication Product No. 1. What is communication through the CP-ONE PLUS?Relaxing the patient is the first step towards providing efficient treatment and facilitating informed consent. The CP-ONE concept allows for communication in any position. Patients are able to communicate their needs and level of comfort, and doctors are able to communicate their intentions and explanations.The CP-ONE PLUS succeeds in taking the concept of the CP-ONE and improving it with the latest functionality.

Thinking of Patient Comfort

The dental chair is the medium through which the patient entrusts him/herself. The CP-ONE PLUS chair has been ergonomically and luxuriously designed to provide true comfort for all patients in addition to reliability.The CP-ONE PLUS is not only a dental chair and unit, but a communication tool that builds trust.

Folding legrest chair with a low initial height of 400 mm

Sitting down and getting up is easier for children, the elderly, and those with limited mobility, as the chair can be accessed either from the side or directly from the front. A legrest heater is available as an option.

  • New shockless system

    The new shockless system (slow slide valve) eliminates any jarring movements of the chair, keeping the patient calm and comfortablefor a stress-free treatment.

  • Hydraulic-powered headrest

    The axis headrest is designed based on ergonomic analysis of the head and its movement. The doctor can adjust the headrest position from the table or stick switch.

  • Slim type armrest (optional)

Thinking of Operator Comfort

The CP-ONE PLUS not only addresses operators’ daily requirements, but also meets unfulfilled demands.The doctor table provides an extra smooth transfer of instruments into and from the holder, a high level of visibility with the organic EL display, and a simple interface for various controls that encourage the doctor to concentrates his/her treatment without stress.

  • Wide range of positioning

    Inherited from the CP-ONE is the arc delivery system; the doctor table can be smoothly moved for the 6 to 2 o’clock position. Furthermore, with the expanded assistant’s area, it is compatible with 2-hand, 4-hand, and 6-hand operations.



Model & Build-in options

  • Chair mounted Holder type


  • Chair mounted Holder type


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Control panel

Monitor bracket

Detouchable holder


Motorized headrest

Slim Type Armrest


Amenity box on junction

Clean water system

Motorized cuspidor bowl


900 LED light


Articulate balance arm for assistant holder

Assistant holder with table