Brand Philosophy


Chairman & C.E.O. Hidetaka Yoshikawa

Chairman & C.E.O.
Hidetaka Yoshikawa

Beautiful, healthy life…It is an ever-lasting wish of every person on the earth. Since the inception of the company, we at TAKARA BELMONT have addressed beauty and health and rolled out a variety of businesses in Japan and overseas in our earnest endeavours to fulfill our mission for over 90 years. There are many things that Japan can boast to the world, such as the beauty of nature, history, culture, heart-warming human relationships, and healthy and beautiful lifestyles. Such values originated in Japan are now being reviewed anew in many areas, including manufacturing, food, clothing, and housing. As the Japanese culture and sense of beauty increases and the desire for beauty and health heightens among people more than ever before, our industry assumes greater significance.
In 1956, TAKARA BELMONT quickly entered the US market, established local companies, and branched out into Europe and throughout the world. Since then, the company has continued expanding its beauty and health-related businesses up to today. Progress in advancing toward the 100th anniversary of our founding, as a Japanese company, we are determined again to contribute to the further enhancement of the quality of life of every person by delivering world-class products and services. Toward the achievement of a beautiful, healthy life, a universal value that people across the world wish to obtain, TAKARA BELMONT will continue moving forward..

Belmont Way

Takara Belmont has been contributing to people's wish to stay healthy and beautiful through a century of our history.

  • Philosophy

    Help people to pursue their desire to be attractive and healthy.

  • Conviction

    Provide true value to our customers to forge strong, long-term partnership.

Core Value

  • Contribution

    Manufacturing quality products.

  • Employees

    Being Integrity, sincerity, empathy and persistence.

  • Spirit

    Think creatively, formulate plans and set in motion.

  • Promise

    Quality of products and services.